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My name is Matthew Knoedler and I am a  21 year old Marketing student at Georgia State University. This blog is a place for me to compile my thoughts into one place. Ill often use it to discuss the universe of social media as it is my passion and my career.  I have always loved the idea of bringing people together through the use of Social Media. It pulls people from all walks of life and inserts them into an environment of people who share similar interests and ideas. I hope that you enjoy my blog and that it allows you to learn and see things from a different perspective. I wish you all the best.

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About Wanelo

The up and coming Social Media Site Wanelo is taking the social media and online shopping communities by storm. Founded in 2011 by Deena Varshavskaya, it exists as a new and unique way to shop online and communicate with people who share your interest. Deena has described the site like this “Wanelo is a combination of the words Want, Need, and Love which creates a unique name communicates the the message of the site. The site operates similar to Pinterest in that you see images, content and projects. You are given the opportunity to comment, like, and  save them in similar fashion to Pinterest. However, the site also crosses paths and uses aspects of the online marketplace Etsy to sell the products that users express interest in.  So acting as a crossover, you are given the option to like, save, and buy, thus giving the user a unique shopping experience that offers a unique look into brands that are both large and small. The products represented on Wanelo range from clothing to desk lamps and offer a diverse portfolio of brands to choose from. You can also follow the pages of your favorite brands and see their new products as they are released with the opportunity to buy them the second they appear on your feed.           This new social media model now has over 550,000 sellers and over 11 million users since its inception 5 years ago. I believe that Wanelo has the potential to shake up the world of online shopping and ultimately provide a better opportunity for users that is more convenient and simple compared to the current models.