I know that I have touched on this a little bit in some of the competitor discussion posts but I feel that I need to discuss the primary audience more in depth. Wanelo, as discussed earlier, has an interesting position in the Social Media world. Acting as a combination of two existing platforms, it would make sense for Wanelo to retain much of the same make audience that both Etsy and Pinterest cling too. That assumption is entirely correct and at times, it succeeds at attracting its target market more so than others.  Etsy and Pinterest have been the drivers in the industry since beginning of the decade; targeting women in multiple demographic categories. Etsy and Pinterest normally sit at about 87% and 86% respectively when it comes to the percentage of women in their total population. Wanelo has crushed this with A 90% female audience out of 11 million users. Now let’s break that down even further; what defines this nearly 90% female audience? According to several interviews given by the founder Deena Varshavskaya, the primary audience consists of young females aged 18-30. Within this, they are targeting a somewhat wealthier crowd with a sizable level of disposable income that sits about the national average. This target audience fits in line with the suburban women who have consistently been the target audience of Pinterest and Etsy. Beyond that, Waleno has not actually released any more of their target data. According to their founder, demographics is still a touchy subject within the still developing company as they ultimately would like to branch out which means that tying themselves to one group would do more harm than good. Looking to the future they are want to diversify them selves on a level not yet seen in the clothing and fashion community. They desire it to be the future of online shopping that serves as the channel for multiple demographics and people groups. However they are just going to have to settle for the time being.   Still though, the stats do not lie and Waleno is statistically succeeding within its target audience when compared directly with Etsy and Pinterest. Ultimately this shows that there is a lot to love about the demographic success of this up and coming Social Network.

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